About Us

Loving God Wholeheartedly, Loving Others Unconditionally, Sharing Jesus Enthusiastically
We began 70 years ago as a Pentecostal church which later embraced the Jesus movement and the Charismatic outpouring.  We preserve the life giving components of these traditions and have enhanced them with some of the more recent revelations of truth that are impacting and transforming the world globally.  The solid and rich legacy of our past is the platform from which we are building our future as we reach and equip the next generation.
Simply put, we believe the Bible to be inspired by God and in its original language.  God has perfectly preserved it without errors.  Through the proper study and interpretation of scriptures we understand God’s love for mankind and His provision for eternal life through Jesus’ sinless life and sacrificial death.  We discover the heart and character of God through the purpose and life of Jesus.  We believe in the continuing relationship and life in the Holy Spirit just as the early church enjoyed.  Our theology is not based on church traditions or any individual theologian’s position past or present.  We are not affiliated with a denomination and attempt with honesty and humility to handle the sacred scriptures with reverence, balance, and integrity.
Our Promise:
Wildwood is a place where Jesus accepts everyone, and so do we.  We promise to do our best to love and accept you no matter what you have done, no matter how far you think you are from God, no matter what happened.  We will make mistakes but we promise to journey with you on the path to abundant, joy filled life.  Jesus stands with His arms open wide to you, and so do we.  We welcome you to God’s family, where Jesus changes lives.

Our Fellowship and Experience:
We are a group of Christ followers who have encountered the grace and mercy of God through receiving Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.  We are learning to have unconditional love for each other as we wholeheartedly love God.  We strive to build each other up and to develop real and meaningful relationships as we learn and grow together.  Our fellowship is an expression of a loving and devoted extended family.  We embrace all those who know Jesus, as well as anyone searching for meaning, purpose, or spiritual fulfillment or wholeness.   We regularly experience the glorious presence of God in our various gatherings.  We have experienced the power of God to transform broken lives into healthy vibrant life giving believers.  Many of us have been healed from life crippling problems including sickness, disease, and addiction.  We are learning that everyone is called to be a king and priest unto God.  Each of us are called to be a minister for God continuing to carry out the great commission, in the power and Spirit of the great commandment.  We attempt to enthusiastically share the good news of Jesus’ love and forgiveness every way we can to everyone we can.
Our Heart:
Our new hearts are filled with passionate love and thanksgiving for our heavenly Father.  This love overflows to each other as we encourage and support our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Compassion is extended to every person regardless of their faith, no matter how their life may have been ravished by brokenness, sin and dysfunction.  Our desire is that everyone would experience the love of God which is demonstrated through his followers.
Our Values:
Briefly stated we value the presence of God and His written word.  We are developing a relationship with our Father God and with Jesus our Savior, Lord, and friend.  We cherish the new life received from the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.  We value genuine, honest, life giving relationships built on a culture of integrity, respect, and honor.
Our Focus:
Whatever we attempt to do as a body of believers, our focus is on honoring and glorifying Jesus by carrying out the great commission in the power and spirit of the great commandment.  We attempt to fulfill Christ’s mandate by lovingly serving others and proclaiming the grace of God.
Our Vision:
To become a vibrant Spirit filled and empowered multigenerational, cross cultural community which impacts every area of society as ministers of reconciliation.
See You There :)