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Free To Be

All You Were Created To Be

Our desire is to see God's children set free to walk in all the fullness of who He is in them! This is a special time of interacting with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to experience wholeness and freedom. This unique ministry gets to the root causes that hinder people from having a deep personal connection with God. Free To Be is a free ministry that can get a person "unstuck" and remove blockages that prevent them from being all God has created them to be.

free From What?

  • Free from lies and mindsets that block abundant life and spiritual growth

  • Free from past hurts, wounds, and disappointments that rob you of joy and peace

  • Free from guilt, shame, and condemnation that produce a false self-identity

  • Free from strongholds which control your emotions and hinder you from receiving and expressing love

  • Free from negative responses and behaviors that impact relationships with others

  • Free from walls that hinder receiving and experiencing God's love and the abundant life Jesus has provided

Who can benefit from a Free To Be?

We all have areas of our lives where we are stuck. Sometimes it is because of consequences of things we have done wrong. Sometimes it is because of things that have been done wrongly to us. And sometimes we have had no active part in causing the dysfunction but are caught up in it because of someone else's actions.

It is in those areas that the Lord wants to set us free to the abundant life He created for us to have, and the wholeness that He died to give us. When Jesus came to earth His goal was to set us free from the bondage of sin and to connect us to the Father. He came to bring truth to the world, the truth that breaks through the strongholds that keep us down. He came to bring us into wholeness of spirit, soul, and body.

I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out Your precepts

Psalm 119:45

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