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We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and absolute truth. We believe that the Holy Spirit is our helper and ever-present friend. We believe that Jesus Christ is one with God the Father and died so that we might live. If you don’t know Him, we pray you will find that Salvation is a gift which we receive through faith in Christ – it is not earned or deserved.  We also pray that you will enter into a life changing, personal relationship with Him.  If you do know Him, we pray that you will be encouraged, that your relationship with Him is strengthened, and that you become part of a church that feels like home.

Our Beliefs
Our Leadership
our Leadership:
Pastor Rich and Kathy Liptak

Senior Pastor & Church Administrator

Pastor Mackenzie Vandevert

Student Ministries Pastor & Worship Leader

Pastor Ken McGaffic

Associate Pastor

Noah Headshot.jpg
Pastor Noah Repman

Young Adult Pastor



Wildwood Chapel is a church whose roots run deep in the city of Aliquippa. Our church first began in the late 1930's when Yugoslavian immigrant, Stanley Zarkovich felt called to preach to the Serbian-speaking people in the streets of Logstown, a community on the outskirts of the city. As more and more people began to put their faith in Jesus Christ, there became a need for a church building. A small storefront on Baker St. became their worship center, and in 1944 that community of believers officially became "The Yugoslavian Christian Assembly, Church of God in Jesus Christ of Aliquippa, PA"  -  what a name! Our fellowship continued to grow in love for Christ and one another. In the early 60's, a neighborhood called the Wildwood Housing Plan was set to be built on a piece of land near what was once known as the Johnson Street School. God had better plans for it though! The property was purchased by our church's leadership, and is where our worship center has its home to this day. After the passing of Stanley Zarkovich, Nick Radovich was appointed as senior pastor, and construction of the new church building soon began. In 1968 the new church was completed. With the Jesus movement of the 1970's, Wildwood Chapel experienced an influx of young new believers who were hungry for the things of God. To accommodate the growing congregation, a new sanctuary was added. This is where we now worship every Sunday, and the Truth that those believers came to know lives on: Jesus truly changes lives!

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